Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday Sept.8-09

Hi, I know it has been a long time since I have Posted,but not a whole lot of things going on.Tawnya & I thought this was pretty special blessing from God, She was talking on cell phone with her dad and she looked out the window and saw this bird jumping around,in the top of her thistle feeder. (I spent the night at her house), so we were having some coffee, Anyway, this is how the story kinda of went Tawnya has a thistle feeder that hold 4 socks at once and has a dome cover on it, This bird was caught in the top of the dome and could not get out so Tawnya had to take the feeder down and take the top off it. and before we sat the bird free, I said Let me get a pic. of him or her, as u can see by Tawnya's nails she has been painting some projects. Monday we drove up to the Mackinaw Bridge to walk it, they have walked it many times in the past yrs. when I was able to walk,I had a phobia, and missed out on a lot of events. So Ron & Tawnya took turns pushing me in a wheelchair, then as a Random Act Of Kindness, A guy ask if he could push me to give them a break. So he did. I think the walk on the bridge is 5 miles. Then when we was standing in line a woman handed out snack size cookies to the Gentlemen that were in the service, helping things go smooth. She said she has always wanted to do that, and this yr.she finally did it. One more thing stuck out in my mind was when we got to the finish line they give u a paper saying u walked it, Ron said this is her (me) first time,and I was in a wheelchair and he Says, Well, I bet she walked it in her heart!That was a Cherrio moment for me.


  1. A Cherio moment for sure ! Thanks for sharing & best wishes

  2. I think in July we posted about our two days of bird rescues from the bird feeders ... you just wouldn't think that the feeders would be dangerous for them ... as well as the rescuers.

    Hope you are doing better ... be strong, you can do it.

    TY for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend. TTFN~ Marydon