Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sept.30-09 Wednesday

Well, today is the last of September wow where does time go, I don't think we had any Summer. Leaves are falling. This is my daughter's favorite time of the year! She use to Decorate Fall like it was Christmas. But since she moved and got rid of a lot of Fall Stuff, she is not quite sure where it is at.(she has a good Idea though)Plus it is her B-day this month Oct.29th she will be 35..Please pray she will find a Christian man to come into her life,someday she wants to have a baby so bad, I sure feel her hurt, of all these years she has wanted a baby and I have been wanting to be a Grandma too, But I try not to talk about to her as she knows How I feel too, She also knows her B clock is ticking too.. The Sun has just peaked its head out..This morning started out weird for me When I got up I was so out of breath I could hardly breathe, But found a inhaler I had, I never use it only once in awhile, I have never been daignose with allergies, it is a scary feeling, I thought it would go away by now, But everytime I go to do something I get the same thing. I am so ready to lose weight,I am a ticking bomb... I am so glad to have God on my side, Have a great Fall Day!!!!!!P.S. Tawnya Brushing Little Bear out after his First Bath..


  1. Autumn is a lovely time of year and I am told it is even better in some USA states :-)
    I hope your Lovely daughter finds her perfect man soon. Hugs Juliet

  2. Ooooh la la page!
    Glad to see you are breathing better now than when you posted this!
    Love you Mumma