Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday 5-13-09 64 out going to get a Rain Storm~

Hi to all my blogging friends out in blog land, how are u all doing? Outside the trees are so full and pretty, I was going to go out and check my Lilac tree, but kinda of far to walk by myself, I have a stool I use, If I have to sit down for a few mins.But it is no fun by yourself.and now it looks like rain any min, that seems like a nice We have our humming bird feeder up for about a week but No Hummers which is a Bummer, I am so axious to see one. In our apt. we never got any except fot the last yr. Put a feeder up and I saw one that was all.He didn't come back that I know of.We had tried lots of times before.. My daughter has been doing on her Blog that is called outdoor Wednesday, I am thinking maybe I will try that, give me something to do.I love birds and have been thinking of beggging my husband to let me get one, but I know what he will say! But I have had lot and lots of birds thru my yrs. and got rid of them because they were to messy to to much squawking,I get headaches, very easy, even Migraines, and certian sounds will do it. Suppose to get some kind of pet. We could not have cats or dogs in apt. I would like a little Yorkie Terrior, but I don't see that happening.. take care, Til Next time


  1. Well hello! So nice of you to stop by and follow our blog...hope you enjoy it!! Happy spring (it IS spring isn't it...uhg)and I hope you're afluttering with hummingbirds soon. Take care.

  2. Hi thanks for stopping by my blog :) I love your blog layout :) I'm sure you'll get some hummers soon I know they are everywhere right now! I bet your lilac tree looks awesome. It's my grandmas favorite! I have a Yorkie! They are sweet little dogs, really energetic. Which is why we got our Dachshund she is super mellow and loves to just sit in your lap and sleep. lol.

    All the best,

  3. Now that you've got your feeder the little hummingbirds are sure to follow! My parents have hummingbirds that come back every year! They even had eggs and babies! I've NEVER seen eggs that little! So cute! I'll keep my fingers crossed you'll see some soon.

  4. HI, THANKS FOR COMING BY MY BLOG, THE WINDCHIMES ARE SO CUTE HUH? LOVE IT, THEY ARE $49.95, NOT TOO Bad of a price, I don't think, I love birds, so I would probably pay for it, how bout those sea shell votive holders?! lol!
    Have a great weekend!!!!!

  5. We have a hummingbird feeder also. Love watching the little birds come. We have such a huge problem here where we live with birds. They make such a mess! We have tried so many things. Do you have any ideas??? Enjoy your weekend!