Saturday, May 16, 2009

5-16-09 Dreary Out :O(

Hi My Pink ShabbyChic Friends~
This was Taken Easter Sunday My Daughter & Me
I hope u are all doing well. Even though the sun is not shining it can shine in your heart, when u know the Lord~ Still No Hummers, Today I am going to my Great Nephew's B-Day Party, he will be 3, my were does time go.. My Liliac tree is My Husband picked me a handful of them. There is some white one too,Think if they were Pink :O).. I still Love them. Did not get a Pic. of them yet. Have A Great Day With The Lord Today...


  1. Good morning.

    I haven't seen any hummingbirds yet either. Course i don't have a feeder or any of their type of flowers up by my house, so they might be further out in the yard

    Did see a raccoon in the back yard yesterday!!
    I got so excited i even called my husband at work. Got his machine though.
    Ran to get my camera but it went up a tree and over the fence before i could get it.

    I'm sorry it is hard for you to get out. I guess i just take for granted that i can, but don't always take advantage of that. (struggle with depression).

    Well, enough of that. Keep in touch.

    barbara jean

  2. i have enjoyed visiting you today. You have presented it very well and they look so pretty and sweet.

    wishing you a blessed day!

    from One Day at a Time

  3. It's raining here today too - it rained all weekend :(

    My hummingbird feeders need to be refilled. I never seem to catch the birds eating from them, but they run out of food so someone is getting it :)