Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday 5-8-09

Hi Everyone
How is everyone doing? Well I did get my Fla. Room or Sun Porch or Whatever u want to call it.I did get the Room done, but it is nothing like I thought or Image it to look like it does. But at least it is cozy. Today was a Beautiful day, Sunny and 73 My lilacs are coming out, I did not even know I had them,til my Daughter and a Friend saw them they were in 2 diffrent places, I have always wanted a lilac bush, looks like there may even be some White ones, and my what would I do if there was some Pink ones. But I don't see any of those. It is so cool, I have Peonys coming up and I so wanted to try and grow some this yr. they look like they may be pink, They are in Buds, So hopefully it won't be to long..Take care Everyone. These are some Flowers my Husband sent to me thru the mail.. Some of the Sun Porch


  1. The flowers look oooh-la-la pretty! I see that you put the sign in back of them and the book in front-- very nice setting. ;o)
    I had a great time with you the other day and maybe one of these days we can go through a McDonalds and order just pop, Nah, probably not!! lololololol
    Love you Mumma.

  2. Hi there,
    Nice to meet you.
    Very pretty flowers!! How nice.
    Have a lovely week,

  3. Hello, Just stopping by to say hi. I have had a chance to read several of your posts and get to know you a little better. Sweet place you have here. I'll be sure to stop back again.
    Kindly, ldh