Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday 4-29-09

Good Morning to u all in blogging Land~
I started a post yesterday and got part way thru and it and lost it,well I think my puter froze up and had to reboot it.Today it is 48 out right now high 63 and the Sun is even Shineing. Yesterday Tawnya & I headed out to find some Blinds for the Fla. Room. I sat in the car while she checked out diffrent prices in the stores. (I can't get around that well) and we did get a later start than we wanted, so it was faster and easier for me to sit in car. We ended up Back at Lowes. the Best Price around, so she had to wait in store while they cut them, they told her 15 Mins. so she called to tell me while I was sitting in the car. It ended up being 45 mins. or a little more.So by the time we get home it is kinda like 5:30 But by the time Ron got here to and they got them out of the car, they found out they had to go to town to get some diffrent Screws.When They got back they put them up, and it kinda went fast we they both knew what they were doing, and when they ended up, it was almost 8 or so, But boy do I love them, they look so nice. So Soon I will put a few Pics. of them up. Right now I want to put Pic. of the Pretty PINK Flower Tree, Outside the Fla. Room. Tawnya discovered them on our way to Flint, and when we got back here she took some Pics. Love it, Beautiful,Also I got to get some new Dishes last weekend so here is a Pic. of them too.

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  1. I can't wait to see your pictures. May I ask, why is it difficult for you to get around? I'm glad you do in spite of the reason. I think no matter how pain we are in we must try to get up and about each day.

    I will pray for comfort for you in hopes that your pain will subside some for you. Have a wonderful day and I can't wait to see pictures.