Monday, May 18, 2009

May 18th,09 Sunny & Hight Today 65

Hello to all my blogging friends~
So how did the weekend go for everyone? It went really fast as usual, Sat. we Went to a early B-Day Party for my great Nephew that turned 3.Sunday I did not make it to church has I had a Bad Migraine, that would not go away, I took meds all day, and still had it when I woke up .:O( That is a Bummer, well it was gone, But now it feels like it is coming back, but I think I just ate something That has MSG in it not to my knowledge and I know it is hidden in a lot of stuff. Well Guess What ? I saw my First Hummingbird Sunday night about 8 P.M.and I was watching all morning. (We have 3 feeders up). Never saw one then went in Kitchen and saw one while I was doing dishes..Have A Great Day~


  1. It's cold here! Way too cold for May. I lost some of my lettuce plants due to the high winds we had! The picture looks great! Looks like they all had fun. Hope you're enjoying your day!

  2. OOOOH.
    Clean dishes, and a hummingbird!!
    A bonus!!
    blessings on your day,
    Barbara jean

  3. Hi there,

    Just dropped in to visit your beautiful blog!
    Hope your migraine went away. Our youngest son had those when he was a teenager but thankfully they pretty much went away. I know how awful they are having seen what he went through.

    Enjoy those hummers! ARE THEY NOT thee most delightful little things?! God's good!
    Blessings and holykisses,
    from the shed