Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thrusday 4-23-09 A beautiful Day 60

I guess I should say good evening my Shabby chic Bloggers, I usually write in the morning, I know I said I would like to get going on my Fla. Room, but in pain and kinda waiting on my daughter to help, but she is so busy working and stuff, and when she does have a little time off and we get together we usally head to the stores and don't get back in time to do anything..I have a lot of open windows in my Fla. room, I would like to try and put some kind of Blinds or something that might go with the Fla. Room. My Husband wants it left open, But I am senstive to the sun.It also hurts my eyes and I cannot see the Screen on my laptop. My Husband also thinks it would be expensive. So I am in bundle of nerves, plus I have the desire in my head and thoughts but my body says diffrent....


  1. Have window coverings that can either be raised or pulled back. I think you should have the option of both to please both. Lace curtains with heavier panels or mini blinds. Shutters would be great too. That would be my first pick. Then you just swing them open.

  2. Hello. I dropped in from Couting Your Blessings. I enjoyed my stroll through your lovely place. I love vintage things.

    While here, I sensed your love and sincerity for the Lord. May God bless you and meet your every need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

    In Him,