Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thrusday- March 12th-09 8 Days Til Spring.. Snowed~

Hello to all my Robin Friends, When I got up this morning, It started Snowing Big Flakes, like the kind you like to go Christmas shopping in. Not when it is so close to Spring: When you are Thinking about Flowers, New Beginnings. I have not saw my First Robin this year yet. I love the little Snowbirds, they are so cute, anyway it is just a thin layer of snow so, it should not take long to melt if the Sun comes out.Which it is trying right now.. I got myself in a BIG MESS, I started going thru a Bunch of Boxes,in our Bedroom to look for something, The junk is all over and I still have not found what I was looking for. There is still so many Boxes of unpacked things, and don't know where to go with them, but I am still getting rid of things,Tawnya would be proud of me I think, after all We have 36 yrs of stuff, that did not happen overnight. My Health is not that good , I cannot get around very good at all. Tawnya helps me we she can, and she is not working, My Back is so hurting now. All I can say it what a mess..I keep coming and sitting down. I guess I have rattled on enough. I would appricate your prayers....Have a great Day``

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