Friday, March 13, 2009

Guess Whatttt~6 Days til Spring--3-13-09

Hello, I was a pretty day today and going to even get warmer tomorow, that is so nice, can't wait to see my First Robin or The Pretty Flowers Blooming. I love all the Pretty Shabby Chic Blogs, I wish I had a lot of Shabby Chic stuff, We are on one Income. I do love Garage sales, when I can go, I don't drive, and cannot get around very good, so when I do get to go alot of times, I sit in car and my daughter knows my taste and she will let me know, If it is worth getting out, but of course if there is Shabby Chic shown We both make a dash for it, she can beat me too..LOL She is not like that, she is just the oppsite. I admire her, she is my Princess. She has a lot of talent in doing Craft stuff anything like that,She takes after her Grandpa in that area, he would always find some thing like painting, making Jewerly (the good stuff)He did it well.Tawnya my daughter her dream job is to work for Hobby Lobby. She is working at best buy before that she worked at Home Depot for quite a few yrs.


  1. Just start out one piece at a time. That is what i've done. Then paint them all WHITE or PINK... lol which is my next step. Today my honey bought me a wonderful cabinet. Tomorrow it might be a hankie I can use in a pillow. One item at a time is all it takes.

  2. Love the photo you posted, cute. Did you see the email about partially or hydrogenated oils? I swear we read labels now and the constant hunger has quit since I refuse to eat anything with it in it!! I cant wait to get my craft room set up here. Maybe spring will inspire me to get it I can paint or do anything, I cant seem to settle on a theme.. I am coming to Mich this spring.. I want to come to your tea party..when is it? Love ya sis