Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday March 10th-09 Spring in 10 Day's whoo hoo

Well, how are things going?
Tawnya and I was heading to Walmart in Chesterfeild, Kinda by Sterling Heights, around half way down, she missed a turn, so we went in church parking lot and things started rattling,with her car so, she got out and looked and we could see something was Broke off. we called Ron, and he was trying to tell us where to go,. Anyway we happen to find a Mr. Muffler,A guy looked at and said we should not drive it anywhere. , Now I forgot what he said was wrong with it. but he wiggled the wheel back and forth to show her how wobbly it was. Come to find out they were closed with their Open sign on,So we had to leave it there wand wait for Ron to come and get us,Which took a little bit, and we both had to go to the bathroom. When Ron got there we headed to go to Chesterfeild Walmart, But stop to eat at Round Robin, that we had a gift Certificate for.Then we headed to Walmart, and the Camera case Tawnya wanted was gone and that is where the net said that was where they had them at that Walmart only. So Tawnyaspent the night with us, she was suppose to be to work at Ten this morning, but she called them last night, and she got to switch shifts with some one. So Now she goes in @ 4 I think. They just called and said her car was fixed it cost $140.00 So Ron is taking her there now to get her car and she is heading home to get ready for work. That was quite the Adventure, But I did get to spend more time with my daughter than I thought I would..The Dryer that was here, Only drys cold air, so we have to get that fixedIt is rainy and so dreary the temp say 33...I am so Happy Tawnya got to get her camera, she wanted so bad..Love to all


  1. It's always nice to spend time with those you love!! I am one of those who doesn't like it too much when an appliance breaks and yes, that includes my lawn mower. I like things to function as they should, when they should or I become a grumpy bear. Glad you had fun!

  2. Hi!
    Welcome to my blog prim4Him! :)
    I am now following yours too!
    I too, am a HUGE bird fan & a Christ follower & not in that order-ha! :)

    Did you know I also have a selling blog?
    It's good for ideas & inspiration as well as supplies & OOAK items that I create!
    Take a peek if you get a chance it's fun stuff - ha, just ask me! :)


    In awe of Him! L~

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog.How fun to spend time with the ones you love.Take care. Julie