Monday, March 30, 2009

March 30th-09 39 outside @ Night.

For a change, I am going to write a few lines before heading for bed, I have not been on puter for a week or so, I have been busy doing this and that and just been gone too. Today I was out shopping with my daughter, that is one of my favorite times,even tho I am in a lot of pain all the time trying to walk, Sometimes I do a lot of sitting in the car if she is just running in to get something for me or her. we went into Michaels, that is one of our favorite stores to get some supplies we like. I had a nice B_day. Ron got me a Big Balloon that plays Chicken dance and I got 2 other balloons from Sherry. Ron got me a Big plant, they get the Big round flowers on them, can't think of the Name Right now. Sherry my sister, Brought over 2 Big things of K.F.C. and a big Cake from Meijers.A few friends was here too. We had Ice Cream and Cake too. My Other sister Myrna sent me a box of goodies one of them was a Shawl she made me, it is called a Prayer Shawl, she is in this christian group, they make these Shawls and pray for the person they are making them for,which is very nice idea, The Box also had some extra stuff in it too. My Daughter Tawnya was here so she was trying it on and we were goofing around I was taking her pics. and didn't realize we took 73 pics. which was ok we had a lot of fun (this pic of her reminds me of My Mumma when she was young) My Daughter got me Some Birdie clear stamps I have been wanting, they are so exnpensive,but nice.They are so cute. Tawnya also bought us a craft together to do, it was a little book(a little book you put together with all the supplies) with the same birdie stamps, I love it all old fashion birds. It was a fun time sometime I will try to take a pic of it.. To All a Good Night.

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  1. Hi,happy B day, my birthday in October I made fifty two