Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday 4-4-09 Brrr 40 out~

Sometimes I wonder what to type, I always think of things at odd times. Not a whole lot happening right now. Ron has been gone since about 8am this morning they had a work day at the church,so he has to be there, Poor Guy.He is a very Hard worker, and does not know when to quit. He has been suffering with Scatica nerve in his left leg and that is very painful.. Tawnya is also working today, so I am here by myself, ahich that is nothing new.I want to get some kind of dog, I have been thinking about a Yorkshire Terrior, But I think they are very expensive, So might look into if further, I want a lap dog. Well, I guess that is all for now everyone take care.By the way this is a pic. of our New House

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  1. Hi, my friend Linda, has raised different breeds of dogs mostly lap type dogs. You should for sure read about the different breeds and see which will suit your needs as well as the dogs. Then the Lord will help you get the friend you need to cuddle with. Linda just had her hip replaced yesterday. So I cant talk to her about it right now but you could look on the net see which breed would be right for your lifestyle. Check my blog for update.
    Love ya, sis