Thursday, March 26, 2009

Good Morning My little Chickadees~ 3-26-09

I decided to get up early this morning 6am (thats early for me)I could not sleep I was tossing and turning and wide awake, so I thought there was no sense laying there So I just got up got a cup of Joe and having a treat of watching it get light out, and I think I even hear a Bird tweeting outside~ Today I am 61, I use to really get excited about having a B-Day, not for the gifts but for a special day that you could call your own. But when u turn my age (61) its like I don't think I want a stinken B-Day! My Husband always says, he don't want a stinken B-Day He says it every yr. They always call it the Golden yrs. I don't know who ever started that but I always say they should call them the hurtin yrs. Ron is suffering with his leg really bad and I am In Chronic pain all the time.But I thank God I can still get around, I just have to sit often, I know that there is alot of people worst off than me. I am going to put a pic. of one of my B-day gift from my sister,she says it was used but that is ok cause now it can be loved a lot more.My Husband made me homeade waffles from scratch before he went to work.

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