Sunday, January 11, 2009


Well, Woke up this morning with a Migraine, that I had las night. That was one of the bad ones..Its a little better now.... I feel so sorry for Ron, He washed all day yesterday, and did alot of packing, then had to go to church to clean up>(2 hrs) after they was all done taking the pics. then he had to go to the store to get us something to eat, then he came home and cooked it.(frozen Pizza) It was pretty Tasty. By about 10 p.m. he said I have had it. He got up early to go to the church, he had to shovel snow all morning, got home, and got right in the shower to get back to church,cause he was doing the sound room.. But I do Pray for him all thru the day off and on.Also still Praying Tawnya will get her Hobby Lobby Job.Today is my sister's B-day she is 62, and I am right behind her, I will be 61 in March. Yikes!!!I sure am enjoying watching The birdies on feeder, there is a woodpecker Snowbird's(aww) yellow finches on our thistle sak. One of our friends gave ua a really Nice Bird Feeder for our New House, they said it is more of a house warming Gift. It is really nice.. I think first time, I got a gift, (course niver bought a house before either. LOL

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