Monday, January 12, 2009

1-12-09 Monday Sun was out for about 10 Mins. Spring is only 67 Days away :o)

I have been having a lazy day which I should be up packing even though It is a while away yet, I also dislike just getting going on packing and In Pain so much, I know there is a lot of people worst off than me. But it still is hard and it hurts. O.k. enough of that.I was so Inspired by what Shwana wrote and so in Aww of what Sherry wrote on Shawna's Blog, U guys have a ways with words, it does the heart good and I mean that as a compliment .. Tawnya does too, she just don't have much time to be on puter & stuff. When she is home she is either with Scott or been here trying to help me or us out and I feel guilty about that, I know she needs her time & space. She still is under so much stress, and yes,Scott is some of it too. I am still praying everyday for her to get her dream job, @ HOBBY LOBBY. that would be so Awesome, She would love it.. Had a real answer to Prayer today so Praise the Lord!

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