Saturday, January 10, 2009

1-10-09 Still Dark Outside~7:15 A.M

It is a Sat. Morning, and I did get up earlier than I normally do, I love to get up have some Coffee, Devotions and watch it get light out,It is just barely starting to . a lot of times I end up sleeping in more than I want to. Ron is down the Basement doing our wash, and trying to do some packing, I sure do appricate all the things he does for me. He went to Dr. about a bad leg pain he has had, and Dr. said it was a Scatic (sp) and that he had Arithris in his back.. But he still fails to believe it.. we did get the paper I was talking abot and Heard it will be about ten days for the closing.. Still so hard to Believe God Blessed s with this house, it is all one LEVEL. That is suc h a bleesing right there. I have a long story how it happened for me about this house.I did get a little packing done yesterday, My allergies or whatever really got bad last night, My eyes blooshot and burning Can't quit blowing my nose..I don't think we got the snow, we was suppose to or at least not yet..

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