Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday- Januray 4th-o8 Sunny

When I got home from night church I had a surprise Tawnya was just unlocking the door to come in, Some friends were bringing me home as Ron still had to lock the church back up.(She usually has Tues. & Wed. off) I appricate her coming over on her days off to help me pack, So that was a neat surprise, She came in with a Wii fit in your hands, they are so hard to find, they can't keep them in the stores. 3 mins. before her shift ended they announce it on the speakers they had one left. So we goofed around with it, Went to bed, when we got up this morning we had our coffee and watched the Drs. which is a pretty good show with lots of good info.. They Had Robin MCcraw on there she is one of my Mentors... Love to be able to meet her someday and of course her wise husband that has a lot of wisdom..then Tawnya did the wii, she did a little Yoga, Then hulas hoop, then Walking in place and a few more.. Now she really wants the wii and the wii fit. I hope to work up to it and be able to use it, and not just watch, I am so out of shape ;O(. I want to shine in 2009.

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