Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wednesday 1-7-09

I just back from Awana, Ron still is At the Church locking up.Tawnya and I have spent the last few days together. We were just going to check on her cats and come back to our house, But we ended up staying at her house,It was so cold and Stuff.Tuesday we got around a did a little shopping, we were ebliable for New phones, We ended up wwith a touch screen one. Pretty cool, But I am afraid I'll Scratch it, so am trying to be real careful. Ron met us in Imlay City last night and we stoped at Big Boys they had a special going Hamburg, frys and a drink for $4.99. Ron came and got me at lunch time From Tawnya's.. Well, Can't think of muc h more to say so ta, ta, for Now

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