Saturday, January 3, 2009

3rd Day Of 2009----(Sat)

Today was kinda of Blah day, I puted off and on, and only packed 2 or 3 boxes Ron was working a good share of the day packing, Then he had to clean after a wedding at church but not as bad of some of them that took half the night. Talking to Tawnya on her way home from work she is so stressed out from work, she is crying and can't take it, but she is hanging in there. Please be in Prayer for her for Strengh and Wisdom.I started praying everday that she gets her Dream Job @ Hobby Lobby, That would be so cool for her, a job she loves and its a Christian organization, They are closed on Sundays, So she could get back in Church.. So Please keep her in your Prayers....

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