Friday, January 2, 2009

Friday 1-2-09

Ron I have been packing all Day, and I don't think we got a dent in anything, It still is not sure when we get to move in, Hopefully we will know by 1-5-09, But this has been going on Since Oct.Tawnya was a Big help yesterday. We moved to where we are at in 1972, I aM so ready, I can't wait, it is nice and it is all ONE Level, Which will be so nice. I can't wait. Ron Worked til Midnight almost Non stop and he says we only have put a little dent in things... there is so much, it is overwhelming. We went to bed @ 12:30 and we both hurt all over. We are both Old farts, in pain, and we don't know which hurts worst.LOL His left leg hurts from scatica nerve and he has arthritis in his back and so do I I have a bad left leg that really hurts at night mostly in my upper front part.. I said I never was going to become a old fart, but I think I have become one.

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