Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday July16-09 High 80 Today

Hello my little birdy Friends~
I am sitting at my Daughters she is at work right now, I spent the night, We have a lot of good times together..I sure would appricate some Prayer for her now & around 8:30am Thrusday . Her court date Is in yale in the morning for the ticket she got when she was in her car accident. It was not her fault. The police said she should fight it,but he had to write the ticket, He even said he would probably do the same thing. At least it is early in the morning to get it over with. She says she is not nervous yet, but says when tomorrow morning comes she will be, I am going with her for her support so she does not have to go alone. Have a Pink day~

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  1. Hi there. Good to see you up and about. I sure will say a prayer for your daughter. I see her car got fixed. THat is always a good thing. I hate being with my wheels. Take care and have fun.