Tuesday, June 2, 2009

6-2-09 Tuesday! Only in 60's Today!!

Good Morning to All My Pink Friends!
I sure love to read all the blogs in Blog land, there is some really neat ones, I have so many, LOL I can't keep up with them, But that is ok. When I was up at 7am (early for me)But I love it when I do get up early espically when I can watch it get light out.When I tried to walk to the bathroom, I could not straighten up, my back is hurting so much.I have got to lose weight,before I do die, and I do not want that . I am only 5 ft. and 280lbs. :O( So I am carrying a whole lot of weight, that I don't need.I should of said this stuff at my other Blog.On a Postive note, I really am going to make better choices today with what we have. and I thank you all for your prayers, and concern for me.
You all have a Beautiful day today!


  1. Hi Sweet Friend, I also enjoy to rise early and get a head start on the day. As far as weight goes. Just remember, it is a challenge for everyone and you are not alone. Keep the faith, thing positive, and if you sway,tomorrow is another day for a new start. Your blog is lovely, just like you. Prayers for you!
    Have a special day.
    Hugs and Blessings, Celestina Marie

  2. Good for you for making good choices for today. One day at a time.

    Sorry about your back. That is a bummer!!

    Hope it feels better soon.
    Like your little bird house shelf in the pic.

    barbara jean

  3. I also am making wise choices today! I have a very bad back and have been working at my weight. Such a struggle, DAILY! Hope it's a pain-free one for you!!

  4. Good Morning! I have enjoyed visiting your blog today. I have prayed a little prayer for you as well. Counting those calories is something I try to do everyday but they sure do add up quickly :(

  5. Hi Shabbyrose!
    You have a lovely blog!
    I totally understand about the weight thing. Mine has recently reached an all-time high...and I'm feeling discouraged with myself. Getting older and being over-weight makes things much harder.
    I'm still at the point, however, where I'm trying to get myself to work on my weight, but not yet doing anything about it. *sigh*
    Maybe we can encourage each other.
    Hugs, Debi

  6. Well Good Afternoon Dear!!!
    I agree with Debi above as you have a very lovely blog!
    I'm so happy for you that you are trying to make the right decisions. My goodness...we all know that is the hardest part but one tiny step at a time can really take you a long way and eventually you will meet your goal. I wish you lots of luck and determination!!!!
    Keep us posted on your progress...until then, I'll be looking forward to seeing more of your shabby chic victorian posts~
    everything vintage

  7. What a lovely blog you have! Hope you had a wonderful day!

  8. I hope and pray you will feel better.. We all have our vices, and I believe we are to lay them at HIS feet.. He is our strength.. I believe you just go one day at a time.. Don't be to hard on yourself.. You have such a good heart.. That matters even more.. Blessings for a lovely evening, and I will lift you in prayer.. hugs ~tea~xo