Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday 5-30-09 22 days til Summer~

Good Morning my blooggers who love, Birds, Shabby Chic & Victorian & all kinds of stuff! This is just a few on my favorite things,I have so much more.I sure loves looking at other peoples Blogs, they are so touching sometimes. We are doing this Bible study on Esther. A Group gets together to compare answers u worked on the week before. I am Behind, I can't remember what I read a lot of times, or comprehen(sp) things well, I have had trouble in my grade School too, Well I tried to take a pic of it So here it goes..Need to have coffee and Water..


  1. Do you have a brain injury or illness that affects how you comprehend? I do and i've had to learn tricks. I have what i call my "rolodex" I take the alphabet and go a through z if need be and say them slowly. THis usually triggers a memory. Then I do the aeiou after the letter that triggers the memory. This usually pulls forward the information I need. Or, I can wait 24 hours and it will come natural. :) Just take your time and don't let others push or judge you for it. My family knows to be patient with me.

    Most of the time a genuine chatter box. Good ole irish motor mouth. But when i'm not, they know, i'm trying to pull a memory up.

    I too have devotionals that i read. We also read a couple devotional every day. No exceptions.

    Hugs and feel better.

  2. Wow! Your blog looks fantastic! So old. I like your pics too. You are getting quite a knack for taking great shots!