Thursday, April 16, 2009

thrusday 4-16-09 Very Pretty Day- High 60 Something!

I know I have not been Blogging lately, its like I don't know what to say.. I know the weather is finally starting to warm up I am loving that, and I know I sure appricate our New Home.. We just got our Dyer Fixed, it hasn't worked since, We moved in on Feb.14th.(shh,drying @ our Daughter's house,here & there). We had Insurance From Home Owners for a yr. The Deductable was$95:00 for us. Well come to find out the dryer guy said it was a $300:00 part! So we Are Thankful to God that is all we had to pay. I am getting excited about Fixing up my Sunroom, I am going to try to take a before and after Pic, I might not get the pic. on this blog,but maybe the next one.
P.S. This Pic. (Pretty Roses are my Daughter's from Last yr.)


  1. I was wondering if those were roses in your yard already, Lol, Need to get back to blogging too.

  2. Those are indeed pretty roses!! I can't wait to see your place in pictures. I hope your up to sharing soon.