Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday~ 4-17-09 Beatuiful Sunshine~~ High 70

Good Morning all My Sunshine Blogging Friends! What a way to a starting of a Day with the sunshine out.. Not a whole lot has happened since last night, but did want to show a few pics. of my before Fla. Room or Sun Porch Room, I call it both, I am open to some suggestions if anyone has any. My daughter is going to help me when she gets some time off from work to make it nice and shabby Chic,& Light Pink (A Must Have,LOL). My Baby sis, did come over with her Grandson,(Deacon). He calls her Bumble Bee,(which I think is so cute) the story behind this is Sherry has a friend and her son, she would play Bumble Bee, Bumble Bee Come From The Barn!( Do We all remember that Story from being a kid.)So her Friend started Babysitting Deacon and He picked it up and started calling Glamma(story behind that too) Bumble bee, it sounds sooo cute when he calls her that. the story behind Glamma is sherry said she was to young to be a grandma, so she says he can call me Glamma(for short) that stood for short Glamor. she knows, I love seeing him and being around him and of cousre her too, we never hardly see each other We did have a few long mins to see each other, sherry Bought me these plates @ a garage Sale.. Love them, i really do..

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  1. Cutie Patutie he is. I can't wait to see your room. I have to remodel every room in this house but nothing will get done until the roof is fixed. That will most likely get done in July. I'm anxious to see what you do.