Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thrusday- Feb.12-09 36 Days Til Spring~

Good Morning My Little Snowbirds~ Well they (Snowbirds) should be going and the Robins should be coming around, I can't wait to see one, Then it makes me know spring is almost here....Well, I was talking to Tawnya this morning and I told her that I was starting to get Butterflys in my tummy, It feels like a kid waiting for Christmas morning.. To be moving in our New Home It will be Sat. Morning, I know you probably all know that, We have Boxes all over it is hard to move around in livingroom. It is very Windy outside the Trees are just a Blowing, March is The Windy month.... Well, u all have a good day, Love ya's I thought these little girls shoes were so cute, some little girl walked in them~Hmmmmmm

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  1. This is another experiment to see if I can comment... I am using the "Mint", a program Garys friend gave me.
    I am excited for you also... finally your own home.. sounds good, dont it. Love ya sis,
    Like the shoes you found.. look familar, dont they