Friday, February 13, 2009

Fri. Feb 13-09

Good Morning My Birdies How are you? I am ok except I ache all like usaul, I sure wish i could do more than I do, I get so frustrated at myself, I feel so sorry for Ron In all the work he does @ work then comes home and works til midnight or 1 am, then Tawnya comes on her day off... enough compli=aining, I would appricated your prayers thru out Today & Tomorow for All of us, the Big day is almost here and we still are not ready, we wanted to get some of the old wallpaper off as it is in such bad shape, I tried a little this morning,didn't get to far We are suppose to get some Snow tomorow and we don't need that..Have a Great Day!! Love to all my Blogging Ladies!!!!!!!

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  1. Will pray for you guys and hope your move goes smooth. Its too bad Ron has to work so hard and long. Isn't anyone from the church helping too? Wish I was able to help. My blood sugar has been crazy since the Dr put me on new meds; it really makes the pain level increase too. Love ya sis, and let the landlord worry about the old wall paper!!