Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sat.1-17-09 More Snow 3-5" Little Warmer~

I have been up for awhile, But wish I would of got up earlier, Which is usally the case. Been on Puter to long and need to get going on Packing. Ron just left for the store to get a few things we are out of, and some tape for the Boxes. Woke up with a Mirgraine, Took stuff went away for a little bit but is right back.. It is snowing lightly and Ron says oh Brother, cause he knows for tomorrow Church, He will be working like a dog... on the sidewalks and stuff. This is the year for a lot and lot of snow and cold weather, I hope that means we will have a early Spring, with nice weather,I would Love that, (62 Day's) I usually say everyday is closer to Spring... We did give our Notice to Charbridge, So we have til end of Feb. to get out But need to sign papers for house before end of Jan. to keep our interest of what we got it for...

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