Thursday, December 25, 2008

Thursday- Christmas Day~12-25-08

Well this Christmas was a first for us that I can remember, Mike was not here and neither was Tawnya, as she is with Scott. it was Lonely as I am for sure it was for her too. We had diffrent plans Than what happen. Last night we were at Dan & Debbies for a while, we nibbled on some stuff and playing a game of Bowling on the Wii, Dan did a couple rounds of Boxing, I laughed so hard, it was funny to watch (but on the inside, I get those feelings of I don't like to see anybody get hurt, I have always been that way.) I know it is just a game, and I laughed, and u do get a workout. came home and went to bed, Ron was up bright and early on the puter, and I woke up about 7am and laid back down for a little bit, I got up at 8 and he was sleeping in the chair in the puter room... I came down and tried to make coffee and I didn't get the coffee in the right place so that didn't work, and I shut it off til Ron got back up.. He had bought me a Kurig Mini coofe maker for a 8 oz. cup of coffee, so that was one of the things I had on my Santa Claus list.We then went down to Sherry's for a little bit had some Munchies there too, She got me a BIG water Mug with Birds on it, she said a inspiration to drink to drink more water, and she knows I love my birdies, and a $5;00 gift card. We got Deacon Chris's boy, a Tigger that jumps up and down wihen u squeeze his tail, He loves it he laughs and laughs, Sherry said she never heard him laugh so hard before. We came home abot 4:30,ROn taking a nap til 5 then we are suppose to head to see Tawnya and give her a gift she also got her haircut and perm for Christmas from us .

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