Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sat.12-27-08 High 61 wow a Record No Sun Yet~

On with the story for the rest of Christmas, When we got to Scott & Tawnya's I was heading up to their house Ron Was getting stuff out of the van,(he hung on my arm all day so I would not fall) and Scott was standing on the side telling me to be careful and yup, stepped on unlevel ground (Hunk of Snow) and down I went the Bag I had went flying, Tawnya came to my recuce, but did not want her to try and pull me up with her Deleciate hand, So they all three helped me up. I felt so Low, but anyway we got in her house wiped all the snow. Tawnya and I went in half on a good set of headphones for Ron , that is what he wanted, I think so far he likes them, Tawnya got me to books ends with birds hard to explain, but I love them. We also got her a 3 in one printer, Scanner, printer, copier. Then we played some wii..Had a good time, We did anyway. Got home around Midnight I think... So Fri. when I woke up my left side was so sore I could hardly move, We Ate out with friends for lunch, then Went and one of my friends gave me a perm:O) (Today I look like Larry's hair from the 3 Stooges.I have not did nothing with it yet-Sat.) We also played some wii. .. So now it is Sat. Alot of the snow is melted if the sun would come out it would be a WARM Beautiful Day. Ron just left to go look at the church for the Sidewalks tomorrow, it seems like a week day instead of Sat. these Holidays mess your mind up with the days. doing better but my sholder still hurts from the fall.

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