Tuesday, December 23, 2008

12-23-08 My First Entry~

I am feeling really down today, even had a few teardrops, but got control of myself, (I Think), It seems like so much has been going on in my life and I use to always write, but the last couple of yrs. I havn't and I kind of miss that, you think that I would do it. A long time ago like 2 or more yrs. ago, I signed up to start a blog, but never did anything with it, Shawna has hers going and does such a nice job on it, I am always laughing the way she words things, I like that, it is so cute, then My daughter Tawnya started hers, so she really has encouraged me to start one,(Besides, if Tawnya has it, I got to have it too.LOL, a joke between her & Me). I am having such a downer day today, a lot of sad feelings, Our car broke down just as we Got in Flint last night to do some Christmas Shopping,(which we were Just Starting) We Was just getting ready to go to Toys are us, tried to pull in the uphill driveway, and the car would not go, it made a loud grinding sound, So Ron tried to push to a vacant parking lot, but we were in a gully like, and he was getting nowhere, But a Nice guy that was getting carts came and helped Ron push while I tried to steer the car,Then Ron called his Brother Dan, and says I have a problem, so Ron told him, and Dan says no way man, Super Bro is here, So Dan & Debbie came and got us, and brought us home. they got us a few months ago with other car problems but thankfully it was in Lapeer. Now one of the worst part is it has to be towed from Flint and is going to Cost $150.00, and Think it is the Transmission, but not sure... Then My house is a mess, No Tree,(my choice, We were going to move,or was not sure when.) I have a Bad Migraine, It is just a little of everything in life, and I know it could be a lot worst, and I thank God It is not, and I know, He makes No mistakes, Sometimes it is just going thru it. Tawnya is probably going to get a Big laugh at me for starting this blog, She Encourages me more than she Thinks she does, and besides, LOL I was going to do one, just never did.LOL. She believes in me, more than I do myself.. This is really going to be funny too, I saw a Hairstyle I really liked, but didn't think my hair was long enough, So I said to Tawnya here is a Neat hairdo, I think you will really like.(I tore it out of a Magazine) She got it done yesterday a part of a Christmas Present, So Now, I want a Perm and I want it now, I am thinking of all kinds of ways to get it done before Christmas. LOL I have a friend that will do it sometime if I buy the perm, where Tawnya got it done it was $45;00, I think it looks real cute,But she acts like she don't like it, (have not talk to her today), she did get a lot cut off, But she can donate it to locks of Love. I am so Proud to call Tawnya Marie My Daughter, She has such a sweet gentle spirit, That makes a room glow when she walks in. I think that is it for now could write lots more, But not going too..
One of our fun Times Together We was @ Baby Shower For Deacon~

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  1. Awww. That was very sweet what you said. Thank you. Very kind words that make my heart smile.
    It makes my heart sad though that you are so sad today. I am sorry that I didn't come over tonight, I should have. I just have so much to get caught up on (dishes in sink were starting to stink :o( and stuff like that and tonight is garbage night and stuff). I do treasure our time together every single time and I love you.