Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hi Bloggers~ will try this again, had over a half of page wrote and it jumped out in to cyberspace somewhere, I was feeling down about it but just decided to jump back in and type it again. I have had a bad yr. I had the flu, then a cold then fell 2 x times. once in Front of salvation Army coming out of the store. 3 people had to help me up! then a few weeks later I was in bathroom and tripped over rug and fell to the floor, had a hard time getting back up.Then I have been having Migraines off and on and they have been getting worse, I think it is the preservatives and MSG, It is in everything anyway this last migraine I had to go to Dr. they gave me a shot and some pain meds, well the next day I woke up my stomach hurt so bad I thought I was going crazy. Almost went To E.R. But they called in some stomach tabs and that helped at least it was tolerable. Not to bad today, But I am so sore from the the heaving that was dry heaves, and I can't even breathe and it is so sore... I still not have seen my first Robin for the yr..Woo-pie 9 Days Still Spring love it.. Can't wait to see all my pretty blooms coming out..
I am really looking forward to this Spring, can't believe we have been in our house 1 year already...


  1. Sounds like you've had it pretty rough there sweetie....hang in there, your spring blooms will shoot shoot forth and send you happy bursts of sunshine very soon!


  2. Boy how I can relate sister..

    the ending of Feb and nows March I got a cold and it seemed other peoples sickness got passed on to me as well. The Cold, sore throat, Chest congestion, Asthma, etc... Now I am experiencing tummy aches.. Geesh!!! I rarely get sick, but boy when I do... it's bad
    ( sighs). You take care and as my mom used to say.. This too shall pass ~~~~

    Hugz Lorie

  3. Every new day brings new beginings. At least you are now back on your feet. Just try to stay on them! Hugs...