Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday July 26-09 Rain off & On, Some Sun

Ron went in to IGA in Metamora to get us some Munchies, I was sitting in truck minding my own Business and listening to my MP3 player, and felt this awful burning pain on my Hand, I look at my hand then on seat, and it was a BIG BUMBLE BEE,Fuzzy Black & Yellow, I Did my Screeching and Flung him out and was looking at my hand cause it was really starting to hurt and I saw another one on my shorts by my knee, I really yelped and flung him, and jumped out of the truck so fast. Ron was coming out and saw me looking under the seat, and said Whats The matter, I told him I was Checking for more Bees, then We headed to Port Huron and on the way their we got a Flat Tire, We had to drive on it for 2-3 miles cause we were on Consturtion Freeway and no place to do anything. So when we got to The Rest Area, It had quit Raining, and everything went really smooth PTL. Then We Finish what We set out to do. this all happened on Sat. We are looking for a better week....


  1. Awww... well that's just not a good day at all is it. HUGS.... I hope your week does indeed go much better for you.

  2. Oh my word!!

    What a day!
    Hope all is going better this week.

    Thanks for your comment on the bird nest tutorial. I have also posted some easier,faster versions here and there on my blog.

    re: finding some spare time to do it with your daughter.
    My husband said once, "you never have time, you make time!".
    Some of the best words out of his mouth. =0))
    Barbara Jean