Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday 7-10-09 Sunny in 80's Today

Good Morning, Well it is almost Noon,It sure is good to have some summer Days,Life is a whole lot better when sun is shining! I am at my daughter's house and she had to go to work, and she does not have tv, I am use to watching my morning shows.But there is always reruns,LOL. We Went out and about yesterday and ended up at her house, Going home this afternoon. I wanted to take a pic of these light Pink Marshmallows dear hubby bought me for no reason. I went Awww, then the more I thought about it, the more Romantic I thought it was. they are Strawberry flavored, so I thought they would be yucky, but they actaully are Pretty good,they are by Kraft and I think he got them @Wamart's and on sale for 97 cents..My Daughter and I want to try them on a somemore's U know how Chocolate Starwberry go hand in hand.
My Daughter Surprised me and took the pics. for me, She knew I wanted to take a pic. before I ate all of them.LoL


  1. I wonder how long marshmallows last? They would be a great decorating staple!! I'd have them in clear glasses all over just as you have. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Those Pink Marshmallows in those jars looks too good to eat! But then of course I never have been much of a marshmallow eater like my mom used to be.

    I enjoyed your blog very much, thank you for coming over to my Kaleidoscope blog.

    Oh yeah one other thing...I love blowing bubbles for my dog.