Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday-6-13-09 8 days til Summer~

Ladder Ball~
Good Afternoon to my Pink, & Birdie Friends
It is after 12, and it has rained and the sun was trying to peek out, but It has not, for summer being only 8 days away we sure have been having cool yucky weather. My DH has been working around the house this morning and I must admit it looks pretty Good. Last night Our Son and his girlfriend came over as a last min. thing and it turned out to be a good thing. My DH made Hotdogs & Brats, and the other fixens that go with a picnic. We played a game called ladder ball, somepeople call it Hillbilly Golf. then we played some Wii Bowling.Have A Great Saturday!!

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  1. I've played ladder ball at my nephew graduation party and it was fun. We also have a Wii and have bowling tournments at Christmas. It's a blast!