Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday May 26,2009 56 out Brrr~

Good Morning to all Bird & shabby Chics Friends~
My Husband Brought me this Robin egg he found in the grass, it looks like it fell out of the nest and didn't get to Hatch, when he put it in my hand I went Awww~ So Precious~
I hope you all had a good day with your Family and friends. We had a cook out with Friends & Family. We had a good time but the wind was nippy at times. We bought a couple of outside games, and had B Chicken, and other fixens. I ended up with a Migraine and still have some of it today.I think our hummer or Hummers went away, the last I saw one was Thursday. I am suppose to start a Bible Study at our church which is unsual as it usally is in the morning, but my friend went last week and was begging me to come, so in the end I said yes, I got the book But I think it is going to be way over my head. The other unusal thing is it is for 2 hrs. but I guess they show a vidieo, then u break up in groups, and Discuss what u wrote in your book about it. But I am not good on comprenhending(sp?) what I read. I had that trouble in School, But I thought I would give it a try and see what happens. Have a great Day~


  1. You will do great. You are smarter than you give yourself credit for. You are just too shy and timid to realize it and how wonderful you are.
    I had a great time yesterday. Thanks again.
    love ya

  2. Oohh I used to handle little birds and eggs until one day I found Out I had hystoplasmosis... oy. That was a battle healing from that. I was so gawdly sick. Now, I want a parakeet. But I think my kitty's might scare it half to death. second though, maybe just my german shepher or Dutch Shepher will do. :)

    I found if i read where i am most comfortable with a time limit and no distractions it helps me. I have a neurological issue and i'm unable to hold immediate short term memory. I have to read ahead, then come back much later to discuss. Perhaps you could try something similar. It might help.