Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sat. 3-14-09,Pretty Sunny Day

Well excuse me, I was wrong yesterday I said 6 days til spring, and it is 6 days today. But thats ok, I follow the Farmer's Almanac,and I did not look before I posted so that was my fault. I am off to a Baby Shower that is a couple hrs. away. So I need to go and get ready, I am going with my sister, My daughter was suppose to go, but she is very sick with a cold which is a bummer.


  1. The first comment was a test, it didnt take the first time. So I said, Im glad someone is posting, Nice pics, when was that? Whos baby shower? Hope you had a good time. Sorry to hear Tawnya is sick.

  2. Donna, Thank you today for visiting. Your kindness means the world to me. I hope your daughter if she can get away from the issues, she can email me through my site! Such a precious page, site. Take care, hugs to you, Lori