Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday Warmer high 32

Well, today is another day, I am sitting here watching my cute little birdies oustside by the feeder, their is Snowbirds(awww) dOVES,chickadees They all are so cute..We just got the word on the house that we should be signing by next Tues. or Wednesday, So I got to het my rear in Gear and try to pack... God is so good to me I don't deserve it, I am so thankful that he never gives up on me no matter how many times I have failed him or pushed him away..


  1. YAY!! you guys will be in your new home before you know it! How exciting!! Congratulations!

  2. Well since I cant comment on your other page, I guess I'll do it here. So having a ruff day huh? Have you done something for yourself today? Pastor Theaker told me one time to look in the mirror and say I Love You. Maybe you should start talking to yourself as your looking in the mirror and say things positive things like I can do this. I'am a great gal and I have a new house that Im going to be moving into soon. Or whatever else you can think of. I know this girl at work and a while back she was very depressed. I told her everymorning before she gets out of bed to start saying out loud that today was going to be a great day over and over again. So she started doing that and one day she said, you know Debi that works. I said good, just keep it up. I think instead of looking at the whole day Donna, you should start by every hour. Just pray Lord, Help me make it through just one hour. Then do it again. Do you get that Lady I think on channel 6 when she shows how to do exercises from a chair? You should check it out. Even if you start like that it will help you greatly, Everytime I walk it really helps me. Espcially in my mind. I wish I could help you Donna. Maybe get on google and ask it something about ways to help with depression, I google everything and find out a lot of things. Ok just know we love you and are praying for you. Love Debi