Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thrusday~ 1-29-09 50 Days Til Spring!! Yipee!!!!!!!!

Well, today is not a very good day for me far as health, I did get My China Buffet packed yesterday, and somehow, I hurt my back. I already had Arthur in it, but this is kinda like a stabbing pain when I breath in, but now it hurts sitting here, I did have heat on itbut now it feels like it is in a bigger area, I need to pack, But I have a hard time just getting up and going to the Powder room, or to pick a couple of things up.. It does make me happy to watch the birdies out my window, and that we are finally going to sign papers tomorow, this has been going on since Oct. I can't wait.......

Have a Great Day!!!!

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  1. YAY!! How exciting, I cant wait to see your new home one of these days. Probably will be this fall when we make it North :)